Sunday, March 25, 2012

Judicial Mediation "is a waste of time and money"

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"Judicial mediation is a waste of time and money" I could not agree more. 

It is the generally held belief that mediation works really well. So well in fact that it must be used regardless of the apparent ineffectiveness in the face of the facts at hand. It seems only relevant to the lawyers and mediators that mediation happen. Most disputing parties want to get the matter settled properly and at trial where the rulings made are enforceable. Especially the party that can demonstrate truth and provide proof of it. In Mediation, the matters have to be heard in secret, kept secret, the outcomes or discussions are not binding and no one has to follow any recommendation. There are no orders, no findings, though the matter is heard and judged in a manner of speaking by a very important QC (Queen's Counsel) person (someone just shy of becoming or wanting to become I judge?).

It is a "mini trial" which need not happen at all. It is an impediment just getting in the way of the real trial.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

International Women's Day - a celebration of equality

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It is hard for me to comprehend I was born into a world where women employed in the public service were, when married, forced to leave their employment, career, in some cases their life's work to tend to their new role as home keeper and bearer of children. It wasn't until 1966 in Australia when this Dickensian form of legislated discrimination against women was removed. 

Somewhat auspiciously by contrast in 1902 Australia became the first country in the world to allow (white) women to vote and to stand for public office. (New Zealand awarded the vote to women in 1893 though not the right to office until much later) In my home state of Victoria women won the right to vote last (1908) in Australia and of all her compatriots was last again to be awarded the right to stand for office (1923).
Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

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