Saturday, April 28, 2012

Australians, the State Knows Best

Art with a message the State disagrees with had better watch out in Australia. Censorship by the government is the way the State puts limits on certain thoughts being expressed publicly and with which the State disagrees or perhaps it considers may cause public unrest? north-korean-artists-banned-from-australia  These North Korean artists were commissioned by the Queensland Art Gallery to supply works for exhibiting but they were not allowed entry to Australia to explain their works. This might upset the thoughts of a free thinking secular democratic Australian public, so they were denied visas. The Australian public is here being told that in certain matters they must not be permitted to think for themselves and they must be protected from the expressions, words, ideas, thoughts of others. 
Is the Government overstepping its role? I am concerned it may not matter to Australians as much as it should. Whatever the message art, literature, speech may deliver, the silencing of it by-way of laws designed to limit free expression is much worse.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Iran to cut off Internet...completely

Iran's theocracy is taking further steps into isolation.

What is this a prelude to?
Something to view with concern...

Meanwhile in Iran
...Nasrin Sotoudeh remains in prison sentenced to 11 years (originally) for the equivalent of sedition.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Is David Nicholls of the Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc for real?

Apparently you are only a legitimate and worthy Atheist if you belong to this Atheist club! 

The "Director" of the Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc., David Nicholls, in an email to me dismissed my argument that the AFA might find our case (commented on in other posts here) of interest and worthy for some supportive comment. His response revealed a curious position. It is a position which informed my above statement with regard to legitimacy but it was also put to me in terms that were clearly intended to intellectually dismiss me as a Atheist. 

Indeed, my not belonging to his club in the first place, seemed to irk most. This being the greater wrong is worthy of some examination alone. This by implication suggests that in order to belong to a community of Atheists and expect their support one must first join into a large group, with a defining name, pay some sort of mysterious homage to the directing forces within this larger group, pay some unknown dues to establish ones bonafides to be deserving of support from it, and all whilst adhering to unspoken and mysterious rules as dictated by those with the higher power to do so. 

If this sounds a bit like organised religion then you'd be correct.

The Left have a big problem when it comes to Islam

This includes the Atheist, Humanist, Secular Left…

Maryam Namazie says it best.

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