Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Website for 2012 -

"little reaper" see fragments gallery - a study for a larger
work not yet commenced. 
In lieu of being able to again produce, complete or put thought into new work and ideas proper I've just launched for 2012. Artistic pursuit is fragmentary at best currently, so this is a way to proffer some continuity.

Three galleries offer fragments, dreams (doodles) and things (more doodles) selected from as recently as 2011 though mostly from much further back, 2002 or earlier.

The fragments gallery contains drawings that are fragmentary in idea and are drawn onto torn or off-cut fragments of beautiful art papers (these paper swatches are a variety of art parchments, a gift from a friend). The dreams and things galleries contain doodles in pen or ink. These were mostly drawn/doodled during a variety of travelling or transit like situations.

The new site includes some of the very last precursory ideas I'd been working on until being sued by Cripps literally put an end to all artistic pursuits in April 2011.
Studio shot, taken whilst testing a new camera in April 2011 (pre-Cripps' writ). Not much has changed to this date. The drawing shown behind the lamp is the last one worked on "universal time" see fragments gallery.
My studio otherwise remains dormant.

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