Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thoughts on Jury Service

"You have been randomly selected from the electoral role for jury service..."


Two years ago...
A lifetime ago...before being sued and being witness to the debacle that is our legal system I would have welcomed a chance to perform jury duty as my right as a citizen. It is a valid service and we have a right to participate.

I do not think this now. I have no faith the system actually works and now even more so given it can't determine whom it should alert for jury service and whom it should first filter out. The system is entirely without sense.
I'm being too harsh you may think? Perhaps. But surely first they might apply simple cross referencing analysis of the initial random list against their own database? Information from which is largely made available publicly. The legal system through its own mechanisms and available information should be able to perform this filter. That there is not the skill (unlikely), imagination or inclination (more likely) to do so is to be viewed with some scorn.

The system is already aware of whom it has on file as the parties to a matter and all legal documents are registered and made public. With such rich data at their disposal surely such a determination is possible in 2012 so that persons with matters "on foot", that is they are involved in ongoing cases civil or criminal, are filtered out following random selection? No, for some bizarre reason this is not the case and instead persons already in or forced to be plagued by the system, as am I, must respond to this nonsense.

A thick brochure must be negotiated putting all the responsibility for getting it right onto the citizen. There is not one section concerning being already involved in a current legal matter. Why? Who knows, the system does not see fit to explain itself. So you need to find the section where they begrudgingly offer you the opportunity to share Your "excuse" for not being able to do jury service...
If your excuse isn't good enough you must undertake jury service! It further lectures.

"...complete the questionnaire..." it advises
"Section E" says "Complete this Statutory Declaration...to be excused from jury service..."

So I did.

Statutory declaration for excuse to be exempted from jury service 1
Statutory declaration for excuse to be exempted from jury service 2

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