Saturday, March 9, 2013

International Women's Day in Russia 2013

"The curators of the exhibition explained that any mention of Pussy Riot is dangerous today."


Interesting for a few reasons. Art censorship thrives, art that is political is rejected, art that is challenging of society is dangerous, in other words art must not exceed certain boundaries in holding a mirror up to convention because convention can be ugly and shamed by its own visage. And finally worth noting is how the Curator and Assistant Curator operated in unison to discredit the artist here. Liars and cowards will stick together no matter the context.

Read and learn more about Victoria Lomaskos' work here

Victoria Lomasko, with works from her and Anton Nikolaev’s series Tagansky Justice, at the exhibition of Kandinsky Prize nominees, 2010. Photo by Vlad Chizhenkov

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