Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Boston Bombing is another religious attack of Islamic terrorism - facing it will assist understanding.

I have never been more anti-religion than now. Galvanising this visceral reaction are past and recent Islamic terrorism events and the vain persistence of the religious to claim only an extremist element are to blame along with social or other disadvantage experienced by the perpetrators.

The Boston bombing stirs the emotions. Another irrational useless attack on innocent people taking lives and limbs and creating life long scars for survivors.

The intended symbolism of such an act, ultimately is to demonstrate that a religion, acclaimed by its followers as the "religion of peace", Islam (literally meaning submission) is superior to all other ways of living and thinking.

Islam as a consequence is tainted by the blood of the victims of such acts. The targets are democracy and freedom, any other religion, atheism, apostate Muslims, non Muslim cultures. The purpose and intent is to teach a lesson to victims and survivors that they are the cause of such attacks because they resist adhering to the ways and influence of Islam and its laws.

The radical nature of the actions of blowing apart children and unarmed unwarned civilians who are sitting ducks seem to mask evidence that the religion has problems because people do not wish to face up to it. I think for many they must resist such a dark thought because to think it, to consider it, challenges the received wisdom, that religions are inherently good, peaceful and positive. Lessons of good, peaceful and positive nature are not taught through violent cowardly murder.

Historically Islam has pursued geopolitical dominance within its religious agenda and the desire to ensure that the dogma of Islam is prime. Educated privileged young men adopt Jihad for Islam turning themselves with the help of such a religion into murderers and executioners. It is no longer sufficient for to ask why they do so the answer is too obvious. To ignore the truth is an amazing delusion.

The targeting of civilians in such a manner is a crime and is a crime against humanity. Currently it is blind faith a delusional view that religion represents the best of humanity is part of the problem.

The nature of such an act is that it is cowardly and predatory intended to produce confusion, fear and doubt. It is used to undermine confidence. It is time to stop asking why such events are occurring. They are happening because Islam is not capable of producing peace unless through use of violent Jihad in order to smash out of existence all other religions and ways of thinking and conducting life.
The point is the Why? is clear.

Start asking Islam what it is going to do to rewire and rewrite the Koran and Sharia and the Hadith. This is where the messages are flawed. When is Islam going to go about reform in order to rewire its message and therefore its followers. Doing so would prevent such misery and bloodshed.

The bombs were intended to make the point, Islam will allow for no peace to exist whilst you continue to refuse to "submit".

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